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Meghan Markle has revealed her baby is due in April meaning she’s roughly two thirds of the way through her pregnancy.
This means that in the coming weeks Meghan will enter what’s known as her ‘final trimester’. Sadly it’s during this period that she might lose that golden glow and cheeky smile and start to struggle a little bit.

It’s likely (not necessary though – we all do this differently) she’ll feel exhausted and she may see some other niggles arising too.
It’s often about this time that hips start to ache and lower back too. It can be hard to sleep – accommodating a big ol’ bump in bed is difficult, plus you have to get up to pee and often. Smells are heightened and things you used to love to eat or drink repulse you. They may even make you feel nauseous. To be frank, some people may make you feel the same!
And then of course there’s your skin and hair.

Throughout pregnancy many women experience the most glorious hair imaginable. Some believe that hair is thicker and more lush during this time, but it’s an illusion. What’s really going on is that during pregnancy hair loss reduces dramatically so you literally have more. So that’s a bonus and it’s one that the Duchess of Sussex does seem to be enjoying.
Pregnancy skin … well that’s not always such a positive story.
There’s itching and dryness for one thing. Also, many mamas-to-be develop dark patches on their faces, often referred to as the ‘pregnancy mask’.
This is due to hormonal changes (oestrogen to be specific) and sun exposure makes it worse. At least Meghan is in the cool climes of the UK and not here in Australia!

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